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Car Windshield Replacement: What You Need To Know

Automobile windshields are susceptible to several hits, and they may crack or break anytime. Breakages and cracks can be repaired, but if they are severe, replacement remains as the only option. Chips and objects can hit your car while moving and cause some damage. Accidents do not spare the windshields as they mostly lead to complete breakages. Acts of vandalism and deliberate human actions are the other threats to the safety of the windscreen. They composed of tempered glass, which is, of course, brittle and quite vulnerable. Replace or Repair? Windshield replacement is more expensive than conducting repairs. Before settling on the replacement, you need to weigh your options and decide between the two. Repairs may seem attractive, but the trained technicians are very limited in what they can do to a damaged windshield. Small cracks can be fixed but only to certain extents say less than three inches. Cost. After confirming that you need a new windshield, start comparing the different quotations from different companies. The general direction is to try and find a quality windshield at a reasonable price, and you need to know how to do it effectively. Car shops offer quotations covering the process of replacing the windshield plus the cost of the adhesives used. The installation process is crucial as the windshield could fall off or even break loose under very minimal pressure, forcing you to get a new one. It is better to pay more for the whole process and have a strongly fitted windshield that will not collapse after a few days. One aspect affecting the cost of a new windshield is its availability. Some windshields are only available through dealerships, something that is common among luxury vehicles. Such have to be ordered directly from the original dealers and will probably cost a little bit more due to the whole ordering process. The amount of labor needed for the installation process affects the quotation. Modern vehicles are smart and have several sensors attached to the windshield. Replacing windshields on such vehicles is more involving since the functionality of the sensors has to be protected during the process. Some of these sensors are integrated into the windshield and make the price of a new shield quite high. Original Equipment Manufacturer windshields are more expensive than the aftermarket ones. The OEM ones come directly from the manufacturers while the aftermarket ones are made by third party companies that have no contract agreement with the car manufacturers. Aftermarket parts come in different thickness levels and cost much less than the OEM ones. Depending on your budget, you have the task of finding a suitable windshield. However, some might argue out that as long as a driver can see the road, replacing the windshield should not be mandatory. Well, here is why you need to replace a damaged windshield. Why Replace? To begin with, a damaged windshield spoils your car’s overall look. If appearance is not to go by, be informed that driving a vehicle with a...

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How Big Can A Windshield Crack Be To Be Repaired?

How Big Can A Windscreen Crack Be Repaired? Imagine a scenario where a rock bouncing off your windshield and leaving a dime-sized chip right in front of your face! This dime-sized crack can spread like wildfire and obstruct your view within no time. A crack in your windscreen meant a definite case of windshield replacement in the good old days. But things are quite different today. The latest technology makes it possible to repair a windscreen and prolong the use of it. It saves a lot of money in the process. But you have to understand that even advanced repair techniques have their limits. Hence, if your windshield has a crack that is beyond the repair limit, you may have to replace the entire glass. This article provides information on how big can a windshield crack be to be repaired. Whether you have to repair or replace the windshield depends on many factors such as the: . Size of the crack . Location . Severity of the damage Most of the time, a quarter-sized rock chip or a three-inch long crack is easily repaired by most of the auto body shops out there. Anything bigger than that will need replacement at most of the auto body shops. But there are some reputed auto body shops that use a special technique to repair cracks up to 12 inches long. Hence, you should check around before replacing your windshield to see whether it could be repaired. The location of the damage is also important when deciding whether to repair or replace the windshield. If the crack is at the end of the windscreen, it can spread much faster compared to cracks in other places. These cracks may also affect the structural integrity of the windshield. If such cracks are diagnosed in time, they can be repaired. If not, it is advisable to replace it. But there are some body shops that are hesitant to repair cracks that appear directly in the driver’s line of vision. The repair may leave certain distortions in the glass – which can affect the driver’s vision over time. Hence, it is best to replace such a windshield. A windscreen crack needs to be repaired urgently. If you wait for some time, dirt may work its way into the region and affect the effectiveness of the repair. On the other hand, if your windshield experienced a major impact, a replacement would be a better option than repairing the crack. These are important things to consider when deciding if you need to repair or replace the windshield of your car. Windshield replacement costs are standard across the country. In fact, repairing a single rock chip can cost between $40-60 while $10 is added to each additional chip. Windshield replacement may differ according to the quality of the glass and reputation of the auto body shop. In conclusion, a crack in the windshield can be repaired if it is smaller than a certain dimension. The above read offers information on...

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How To Determine If You Need A Windshield Repair Or Windshield Replacement?

Replace Or Repair Your Windshield? The Key Considerations. Imagine driving down the countryside and a rock bounces of your windshield leaving an ugly looking chip right in front of your face. This chip does not only hinder you from viewing the road clearly but it looks like if you get hit by another rock chip, pieces of glass will be sprout cracks. You are probably wondering whether you should replace the entire shield or just go for a repair. Gone are the days when a chip on your windshield meant certain replacement. Technology has made it possible to repair scrapped windshields. This does not only save your windshield but also saves your hard earned cash. However, these repair techniques have their limits and some damages call for a complete replacement of the windshield. We spoke with a Volkswagen repair Nashville auto mechanic with years of experience and he gave us insight on how they determine what is needed at their shop. Replace Or Repair? Deciding to replace or repair is merely a matter of looking into some factors concerning the damaged windshield. Here are some of them; Size. The size of the damage if a huge determinant of whether you should replace or repair the windshield. Taking an example, if the size of the damage is bigger than that of a dollar bill, a replacement should be on the cards. Such damages are difficult to repair and it is safer to opt for a complete replacement. Sizes smaller than a dollar bill can be repaired. However, this is not the only consideration that comes in play and it is important to analyze the other ones before making the final decision. Location. The location of the damage can determine whether the shield should be replaced or repaired regardless of the size. If the damage is right in front of the driver, the windshield should be replaced. This is because fixing such would leave a mark that would impair the driver’s vision. The driver needs to have a clear view of the road, and such chips affect the way they see. Intensity. The amount of damage is the other determinant that needs to be considered. A small amount of damage makes it more probable that the windshield can be repaired. For example, if the windscreen has three or fewer chips, it can be corrected. However, one that has more than four chips put the glass at risk of shattering without warning, something that makes a replacement the best course of action. Depth. This factor is related to the size of the damage but refers to how deep a chip has penetrated. A windshield is a glass sandwich with an outer glass layer, an inter plastic layer and an inner glass layer. If the damage penetrates beyond the two first layers, it becomes difficult to repair, and replacement becomes the best option. Other Considerations. Some unique circumstances surrounding the damage can automatically qualify it for either repairing or replacement. One notable one is...

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