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How Big Can A Windshield Crack Be To Be Repaired?

How Big Can A Windscreen Crack Be Repaired? Imagine a scenario where a rock bouncing off your windshield and leaving a dime-sized chip right in front of your face! This dime-sized crack can spread like wildfire and obstruct your view within no time. A crack in your windscreen meant a definite case of windshield replacement in the good old days. But things are quite different today. The latest technology makes it possible to repair a windscreen and prolong the use of it. It saves a lot of money in the process. But you have to understand that even advanced repair techniques have their limits. Hence, if your windshield has a crack that is beyond the repair limit, you may have to replace the entire glass. This article provides information on how big can a windshield crack be to be repaired. Whether you have to repair or replace the windshield depends on many factors such as the: . Size of the crack . Location . Severity of the damage Most of the time, a quarter-sized rock chip or a three-inch long crack is easily repaired by most of the auto body shops out there. Anything bigger than that will need replacement at most of the auto body shops. But there are some reputed auto body shops that use a special technique to repair cracks up to 12 inches long. Hence, you should check around before replacing your windshield to see whether it could be repaired. The location of the damage is also important when deciding whether to repair or replace the windshield. If the crack is at the end of the windscreen, it can spread much faster compared to cracks in other places. These cracks may also affect the structural integrity of the windshield. If such cracks are diagnosed in time, they can be repaired. If not, it is advisable to replace it. But there are some body shops that are hesitant to repair cracks that appear directly in the driver’s line of vision. The repair may leave certain distortions in the glass – which can affect the driver’s vision over time. Hence, it is best to replace such a windshield. A windscreen crack needs to be repaired urgently. If you wait for some time, dirt may work its way into the region and affect the effectiveness of the repair. On the other hand, if your windshield experienced a major impact, a replacement would be a better option than repairing the crack. These are important things to consider when deciding if you need to repair or replace the windshield of your car. Windshield replacement costs are standard across the country. In fact, repairing a single rock chip can cost between $40-60 while $10 is added to each additional chip. Windshield replacement may differ according to the quality of the glass and reputation of the auto body shop. In conclusion, a crack in the windshield can be repaired if it is smaller than a certain dimension. The above read offers information on...

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