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Windshield Replacement

San Diego Windshield Replacement

Automobile windshields are susceptible to several hits, and they may crack or break anytime. Breakages and cracks can be repaired, but if they are severe, replacement remains as the only option. Chips and objects can hit your car while moving and cause some damage. Accidents do not spare the windshields as they mostly lead to complete breakages. Acts of vandalism and deliberate human actions are the other threats to the safety of the windscreen. They composed of tempered glass, which is, of course, brittle and quite vulnerable.

Replace or Repair?

Windshield replacement is more expensive than conducting repairs. Before settling on the replacement, you need to weigh your options and decide between the two. Repairs may seem attractive, but the technicians are very limited in what they can do to a damaged windshield. Small cracks can be fixed but only to certain extents say less than three inches.


After confirming that you need a new windshield, start comparing the different quotations from different companies. The general direction is to try and find a quality windshield at a reasonable price, and you need to know how to do it effectively. Car shops offer quotations covering the process of replacing the windshield plus the cost of the adhesives used. The installation process is crucial as the windshield could fall off or even break loose under very minimal pressure, forcing you to get a new one. It is better to pay more for the whole process and have a strongly fitted windshield that will not collapse after a few days.

One aspect affecting the cost of a new windshield is its availability. Some windshields are only available through dealerships, something that is common among luxury vehicles. Such have to be ordered directly from the original dealers and will probably cost a little bit more due to the whole ordering process.

The amount of labor needed for the installation process affects the quotation. Modern vehicles are smart and have several sensors attached to the windshield. Replacing windshields on such vehicles is more involving since the functionality of the sensors has to be protected during the process. Some of these sensors are integrated into the windshield and make the price of a new shield quite high.

Original Equipment Manufacturer windshields are more expensive than the aftermarket ones. The OEM ones come directly from the manufacturers while the aftermarket ones are made by third party companies that have no contract agreement with the car manufacturers. Aftermarket parts come in different thickness levels and cost much less than the OEM ones.

Depending on your budget, you have the task of finding a suitable windshield. However, some might argue out that as long as a driver can see the road, replacing the windshield should not be mandatory. Well, here is why you need to replace a damaged windshield.

Why Replace?

To begin with, a damaged windshield spoils your car’s overall look. If appearance is not to go by, be informed that driving a vehicle with a cracked windshield puts the life of the passengers and driver in danger. Such windshields increase the chances of you causing an accident since you do not have a clear view of the road. A driver needs to have a clear and broad view of what is happening around his car. Experts point out that a windshield has a role to play in the structural balance of a car. A broken one compromises this balance and might make the vehicle unstable or even cause the roof to collapse due to pressure differences. The primary role of a windshield is to protect the people in a car from harm during accidents. In the case of an accident, a cracked windshield is more of a threat than a protective shield since it can break and collapse inside the car under very little impact.

Windshield replacement is very essential. The amount of money spent in ensuring it is in good condition overshadows the protection and risks the windshield keeps you away from. Avoid driving with a damaged windshield and stay safe.

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